Automated Online Backups – Free

A tool for automatic online backups
by JellyHead

MozyLets face it, backing up files is boring, but it is a good idea. Loosing digital photos, client files and important documents can bring a tear to your eye and set you back months or even years. Protecting these files usually means time consuming backups using tapes, burnt disks, or another hard drive, none of which are very reliable.  The solution? Backup online!…. so natually I googled it and the best one in my opinion is

Mozy provides 2 gig of backup space for free. All you need to do is sign up then download and install a very small application, select which folders to backup and choose how often and at what time. If your computer is idle at the times you set then Mozy will automatically backup. Just set, forget and rest assured that your files are safe.


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2 responses to “Automated Online Backups – Free”

  1. Peter Vaugn says :

    This is good in terms of SEO. Naught looks to annoy towards it than this!Coincidentally, this is exactly what was worried about ten years prior at the last hack con about google in ’95!


  2. Porter Sulyma says :

    Awesome blog post, thanks for keeping me busy!


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