10 Top Tips to Top Google SEO Rankings (Try saying that 10 times fast!)

Top ranking in Google search isn’t a simple task, there is a huge competition out there you should be aware of some tips to impress the Google bot. I know there are tons of methods available on internet but I would recommend you to go with a simple and short 10 methods to rank top on Google. If you really serious about your business or website or blog, then you should follow each and every step to achieve your rankings.

So let’s start this 10 methods of coaster ride, remember each and every bit of information or method is clearly explained with descriptive words, so let’s start our journey to rank top on Google SEO rankings.

 10 Tips To Google SEO Rankings:

Google SEO Tips

1) Meta tags

Here is a complete details of Meta Tags and importance in search engine results..

Page Title Tag:  Not just a meta tag, but nonetheless goes into the same section of the page signal. Displayed on search engine results and also at very the top web browser. Site title is truly the most powerful textual content for the site.

Meta Description Tag: A sentence to some part conveying the actual page content. Might be displayed in search results under the page title.

Meta Keywords Tags:  Not shown to viewer or in search results. Ignored by most search engines. Not super essential. Yahoo! uses it to help include pages into search results when the text isn’t on the page. Misspellings and stuff like which will end up in the meta keywords tag.

Comments Tags:  Helpful to split up programming. Declares what each section of a complex program does. Not good for Search engine optimization purposes because they are ignored by the majority of search engines.

Meta Refresh Tags: Helpful to redirect the web browser to another page. When possible it is advisable to use a 301 redirect.

Robots Exclusion Tags:  Used to stop bots from spidering particular pages or your whole website.

Image Alt Tags:  Used to notify visually impaired persons what an image signifies. IMG Alt tags work similar to anchor text. Don’t forget to use a period at the end of the IMG Alt tags.

2) Age of the Domain

Commonly, SEO experts acknowledge that domain age does play some part in search rankings, however opinions vary about the extent of the impact. Some SEO professionals refuse to work on a newly registered domain, while some don’t give it much weight at all. The real difference between a domain that’s six months old verses one year old is actually not too big at all. As long as you’ve been around not less than a few months, you should be able make sure that you can show up in search results.

3) Using Heading tag

Headings are defined using the <h1> to <h6> tags.

  • <h1> defines the most important heading and used for main heading
  • Header tags should contain your targeted keywords and phrases along with any other descriptive text strongly related the content of the web page.Search engines like Google and Yahoo give more importance to Header tags.
  • The Google search engine ranking algorithm thinks that if you’re using a <h1> tag, then your text in between this header tag should be more important compared to content on the rest of the web page.
  • Use your most target keywords and key phrases in heading tags in your webpage.
  • Use these keywords which are used in Title and Meta tags like description tag and keyword tag. Search engines preferred those keywords that are used in heading tags.
  • Use a minimum of 2-4 heading tags for example <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4> on each page of the website.
  • User those targeted keyword in header tag that describe the content of the web page.
  • Add highly relevant keywords in <h1> tag, as it is weighted most than other heading tags.
  • Analyze the relevance of your keywords and place most essential keyword in <h1> tag, less important to <h2>, further less important to <h3> and ultimately lowest keywords to <h6>.

4) Create Sitemap and Submit to SE’s

A sitemap is usually an XML file that contains a list of site URLs and related attributes explaining what should be indexed within a specific site.It should be UTF-8 encoded. You can create a sitemap using any online sitemap generator or you can create it using any self hosted tool like PHPSitemapPNG.

5) Submit Press Releases

Press releasing is one of the best methods to promote any website, especially Google trust a lot on NEWS websites because they will keep updated every day, there are plenty of free press release websites out there on Internet. You may get a doubt that what is the use of press releases, obviously there are plenty of uses and you can promote a wide range of things like below..

  • Special Discounts/Sales
  • Fundraising events your business is helping with
  • Offering Free Items
  • Any Awards your business has won
  • Any contests that you’re planning
  • Starting your business
  • Getting more products to sell

6) Getting External Backlinks

Backlinks are most important and getting quality backlinks isn’t so easy, you can work on different methods to get quality and relevant backlinks. There many methods available but I would recommend you the below ones…

  • Directories Submission
  • Natural back-links : Write quality content so people love to link back you.
  • Forums, guest books and comment boxes
  • Blogging
  • Article Marketing
  • Give Away Free Web Applications with your link, like themes web templates etc with footer link.
  • Social Bookmarks.
  • Google Knol
  • RSS Marketing
  • Video Marketing Backlinks

The above methods will definitely gives you the

7) Optimize your images

Images are another important thing in calculating the SERP results, and also it will generate a good traffic fromGoogle Image Search also… So let’s see how we can optimize our images search engine friendly..

  • Keywords and phrases in alt text, text across the image, image name, web page title
  • Preferred image formatting – jpg
  • Separate search engine obtainable image directory
  • Image freshness, re-uploading your images to keep them fresh will help a lot.
  • Allow image search option at Google webmaster tool.
  • Reasonable image file size, use standard sizes instead weird sizes.
  • Limit the number of images each page
  • Choose any Popular and reliable photo sharing hosting. According to sources Yahoo trust Flickr images more..

icon cool 10 Tips to Top Google SEO Rankings Article distribution or Article Marketing

Article marketing one of the successful method to promote a website or business, ranking high one keywords and getting some decent traffic from the high traffic volume directories is one of the best way to do it. So if you are interested in doing the article marketing, I would like to give you some suggestions, and here is the big list of high pagerank article directories. If you want to do a successful article marketing you should follow some guidelines, here is a list of predictions..

  • Well-written articles – modified for errors
  • Interesting information
  • Useful article topics
  • Standard length of 400 to 500 words each
  • Give your company name and website in the final paragraph
  • Unique in content

9) Avoid using Flash

Better you avoid using flash, Google bot hates Flash, because it doesn’t understand the flash content. If still your website is full of flash content, you should better learn how to optimize the flashy websites. I recommend you to avoid as much as using the flashy things, I don’t know how much it do good to you, but as per I know it will definitely do bad to you.

10) Keep Updating Your Blog

Whether it is a normal website or business website, don’t forget to have a blog. It will help understand the search engines that your website keeps update all the time. You can promote your special offers service issues, anything there. I always recommend to have a blog on any website. It will help a lot to increase your search engine raking.

I hope you enjoyed the 10 tips to top the Google SEO rankings, please leave your comments and suggestions on your views.

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