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From Sketch to Vector Illustration

For those of you without good sketching ability – please don’t jump ship just yet! I will also discuss a number of tips and techniques to using your pen tool that applies to ALL vector artists – so keep reading. You’ll still learn a thing or two. And who knows – maybe you try to sketch something anyway.

I am going to meander a bit between different sketches, but here is one example of a vector illustration that was based off of a sketch.

Mr Gnome Poster

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Free Rice – Education, Entertainment and a Way to Change the World

I recently came across this site, – an innovative approach to feeding the hungry. It’s a simple game that improves your smarts and helps to end world hunger. The idea is very creative. This is how it works: you go to and play their vocabulary game, for each question answered correctly 10 grains of rice will be donated by the sponsors to help people living in poverty. Everyone wins – you get to play the game and grow your brain, FreeRice get the traffics, advertisers get their exposure, and people get the free rice. If you like the idea, please help to spread out the word.

PLAY NOW and feed a hungry person!

8 Free Quality Fonts

A collection of free fonts
from exjbris

Making a Message Strip in Photoshop

A Tutorial on how to make a message strip using Photoshop
by Collis

In this tutorial we’re going to make a little message strip in Photoshop that you can place in the top right corner of a design. These little strips look very trendy and web2-y, particularly in web designs! It’s quite an easy effect to do and in this tutorial we’ll add some shadow and light to make it pop!

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Cool Online Tools for Image Editing

Online tools for image manipulation

So, you know how to do some neat stuff with Photoshop, but what if you need to resize a graphic or do some other digital image manipulation and you don’t have your regular setup on the road with you, or some other such issue has left you high and dry as far as image processing is concerned? Here are a few sites that I have very recently “test driven” and actually tried out on the net, and I have included a few brief comments on each for you:

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Professional movies for your website or blog…

It’s free & easy to do. Simply upload 10 or more still images, select or upload an mp3 and click create. It took me around 5 minutes to create this one:
Once your movie is created you can get the code needed to post it on your website, blog or YouTube through the interface.

Also on offer are full length videos for $3 each or An All-Access Pass, which allows you to make an unlimited number of full-length videos for one year, normally costs $30 but JellyBlog users get a $5 discount just by entering this referal code at signup: “ijfmlnaw”

Drawing Cartoons – Part 2, Facial Expressions

A Guide to drawing cartoons from a grand master animator,
more pages to come…

Part 2 – Facial Expressions

Cartoon Head

Good drawing goes hand in hand with good design and illustration, so take some time and practice.
With this priceless instructable by the world famous animator Preston Blair we can all learn.

When you’ve mastered the drawing, why not combine it with these Illustrator tutorials:
drawing-with-illustrator, 2d-shading

Please let me know if you find this guide useful, I did. If you know of any other good drawing guides like this one please post a comment below

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