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8 Free Quality Fonts

A collection of free fonts
from exjbris


5 Web Marketing Tips

A movie with tips and tricks to boost you online profile
by Aidan

I came across this movie in my web travels and found it to be a useful guide to seo and online marketing. Mark covers all the major points and explains himself clearly.
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Making a Message Strip in Photoshop

A Tutorial on how to make a message strip using Photoshop
by Collis

In this tutorial we’re going to make a little message strip in Photoshop that you can place in the top right corner of a design. These little strips look very trendy and web2-y, particularly in web designs! It’s quite an easy effect to do and in this tutorial we’ll add some shadow and light to make it pop!

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5 Easy AJAX Scripts

A collection of AJAX Scripts

This is a rating bar script that allows users to rate things with no page refresh.

A drop-in AJAX contact form that can be used in WP. PHP () Mail ready.
Examples and code on how to create a digg spy page.

Easy way to add fancy tooltips with a balloon shape to any web page.

To add a reflection just add a class=”reflect” to the image.

Cool Online Tools for Image Editing

Online tools for image manipulation

So, you know how to do some neat stuff with Photoshop, but what if you need to resize a graphic or do some other digital image manipulation and you don’t have your regular setup on the road with you, or some other such issue has left you high and dry as far as image processing is concerned? Here are a few sites that I have very recently “test driven” and actually tried out on the net, and I have included a few brief comments on each for you:

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FireFox Shortcuts

As my search for methods to increase my browsing productivity continues, I have come across some excellent keyboard shortcuts for Firefox (my preferred browser) which I will discuss here.

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SEO 101

Search Engine Optimization is ever evolving world, techniques are constantly changing as the search engines also evolve to try to weed out spammers to make the web a more level playing field. It’s BIG business these days and SEO companies will charge you thousands for a simple campaign. I’m going to let you in on all the tips and tricks I have picked up over my years as a web designer gratis! Please add your own tips in comments…

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